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I am the Princess

5 March
abu, aladdin, american eagle, american idol, amy adams, appreciation, bambi, being in love, being myself, best friends, bill clinton, books, britney spears, bunnies, candy, cards, challenges, chatting, chocolate, cinderella, clay aiken, comfort, computers, confidence, contemplating, conversations, costco, courage, dancing, diana degarmo, dreaming, dreams, emptiness, endings, ethics, evil stepmother, fairies, faith, fantasia barrino, flik the hummingbird, food, friends, friendship, fun, genie, george huff, gus the mouse, happiness, honesty, hope, hugs, ideas, imagination, integrity, internet, janet jackson, jasmine, jasmine trias, john stevens, jon peter lewis, jungle book, justin timberlake, laughing, laughter, leah labelle, learning, life, lip gloss, listening, little dwarfs, livejournal, loneliness, loss, love, luck, madonna, making a difference, making friends, maroon 5, math, matt rogers, meeting new people, memories, michael jackson, miko the raccoon, minds, monge, morals, movies, music, new beginnings, ohlone, originality, pain, people, pictures, pocahontas, prince charming, princess aurora, privacy, procrastinating, promises, psychology, quotes, reading, reminiscing, ruben studdard, ryan seacrest, saves the day, secrets, shoes, shopping, silver, sincerity, sleep, sleeping beauty, smiles, snow white, songs, speaking my mind, standing out, stars, strength, style, sugar, sunrises, sunsets, surviving, tears, thanks, thinking, thoughts, thumper, trance, trapt, trust, truth, understanding, venting, wasting time, wishes, yellowcard